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23 incredible new technologies you’ll see by 2021


A 1 Terabyte SD Memory Card probably seems like an impossibly unnecessary technological investment. Many computers still don?t come with that much memory, much less SD memory cards that fit in your digital camera. Yet thanks to Moore?s Law we can expect that the 1TB SD card will become commonplace in 2014, and increasingly necessary given the much larger swaths of data and information that we?re constantly exchanging every day (thanks to technologies like memristors and our increasing ever-connectedness). The only disruptive factor here could be the rise of cloud-computing, but as data and transfer speeds continue to rise, it?s inevitable that we?ll need a physical place to store our digital stuff.

The first around-the-world flight by a solar-powered plane will be accomplished by now, bringing truly clean energy to air transportation for the first time. Consumer models are still far down the road, but you don?t need to let your imagination wander too far to figure out that this is definitely a game-changer. Consider this: it took humans quite a few milennia to figure out how to fly; and only a fraction of that time to do it with solar power.

The Solar Impulse, to be flown around the world. Photo by Stephanie Booth

The world?s most advanced polar icebreaker is currently being developed as a part of the EU?s scientific development goals and is scheduled to launch in 2014. As global average temperatures continue to climb, an understanding and diligence to the polar regions will be essential to monitoring the rapidly changing climates?and this icebreaker will be up to the task.

$100 personal DNA sequencing is what?s being promised by a company called BioNanomatrix, which the company founder Han Cao has made possible through his invention of the ?nanofluidic chip.? What this means: by being able to cheaply sequence your individual genome, a doctor could biopsy a tumor, sequence the DNA, and use that information to determine a prognosis and prescribe treatment for less than the cost of a modern-day x-ray. And by specifically inspecting the cancer?s DNA, treatment can be applied with far more specific?and effective?accuracy.

He estat buscant per sobre i sembla que anaven prou encaminats, però no del tot.
Les SD Card d’1TB existeixen, però valen uns 700?
El Solar Impulse ha re-programat la volta al món sense combustible fòssil pel març del 2015.
El projecte del trencagel polar va ser suspès.
La seqüenciació de l’ADN és possible, però al web no hi diuen res del preu.